Hadrian’s Wall and its legacy on Tyneside is a community archaeology project to find out about the easternmost 30 miles of Hadrian’s Wall between South Shields and Hexham/Corbridge. In this area the Wall is often invisible but many local people are proud of it and fascinated by it. The project gives them the chance to get involved in research and excavation in various different places along the Wall. Absolutely anybody can join in. FIND OUT MORE

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Bronze Ceres found at Arbeia (News Article)
WallQuest noticeboards (news article)
Wallsend Post-excavation Work Begins
With the end of excavations at our Wallsend sites, we are
Look what's happening
The redisplay of the Roman bath house and the Buddle Stre
Out of the ground, into the office.
The current excavation at Arbeia has been running since 2
Buddle Street Wall Excavation ends
Excavations have now finished on the site of the Hadrian'


Recent Projects

Operation Nightingale was founded in 2012 to utilise the technical and social aspects of field archaeology in the recovery of soldiers injured on operations, including Afghanistan and at home.

The first survey of Roman stone artefacts in churches and other buidings in the Tyne Valley and north Tynedale


The line of the main Roman road between Corbridge and Carlisle (known as ‘The Stanegate’), a major route running east-west south of Hadrian’s Wall, is lost in the five miles west of Corbridge. In particular, the place where the road must have crossed the North Tyne is unknown.

From 2012 to 2016 there will be a community excavation at Arbeia in the civilian settlement outside the fort

A search for remains of the lost Roman vicus or civilian settlement on the slope south of the fort site