As the Roman festival of Saturnalia approaches, let us know what Roman or Archaeology based festive gifts/ideas would be fun this year

With winter fast approaching we have decided to bring to a close the excavations at Arbeia before we all freeze to death! It’s been a really productive few weeks back in South Shields though, with finds-a-plenty and a fort ditch that is really beginning to take shape. Amongst the ditch...

Hello, my name is David Astbury, the newest member of Wallquest. I've joined the team for a year as part of a CBA training bursary. 

See you all soon.


The WallQuest team are all back at Arbeia now, after our expedition along the Wall to Albemarle, where we had a great time excavating the area in front of the Wall with a mixture of military and civilian volunteers.

Albemarle was wet. Very wet. But our hardy team soldiered on...

An unusual example of Roman material reused in later structures was discovered during our recording of a small wall associated with a post-medieval ballast railway which overlay the Roman deposits.

 Built into the wall were several broken fragments of a large Roman tile (or Sesquipedalis), which would originally have formed...